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Global advertising marketplace Enterprise Network DuGuHu provides the platform, network and service you'll need to grow customers online business via advertise marketing.
Web-based customer access to survey data Real-Time Reporting Hyperlinked content, Multiple Data Points and Intuitive
Sophisticated targeting capabilities Targeting Metrics Sophisticated targeting technology delivers the right ad, to the right person, at the right time.
Flexible customized approach Mass Customization We offer you to completely customize every piece of AffiJAX that suits your business needs.
Flexible Payment Methods Easy Payouts Simple and easy to use application given the complex nature of commissions.
Use several format of Banners or Ad Formats Multiple ad formats can support different ad types, such as text, image, video ads. Ad formats also vary in the number of individual ads you display.

Advertising Your Way !Check out the numerous options and features that Duguhu has.



    Visualization features helps to reach global instantly.



    Supports the user self management.



    Granular, real-time reporting and analytics.


    Ad fromats

    Supports IAB Ad formats for better Ad delivery.



    Fraud Click protection, Makes your spend worth it.

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